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Web_Calendar_IconMay 3

Location, Location, Location: The New Rules of Investing

High school graduations mean college is on the horizon for many families. Are you ready for these expenses? Bruce Helmer will discuss what you can do to help combat the high costs of college.

Web_Calendar_IconMay 10

5 Financial Steps You MUST Take Before You Turn 65

Age 65 has historically been associated with retirement. And even though people are working longer, turning 65 remains a milestone for many of those in or nearing retirement. Bruce and Peg will discuss five things everyone needs to do before reaching age 65.

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Retirement Date

DSC03239Don’t miss Bruce and Peg’s latest column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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5 Ways to Stop Volatility From Ruining Your Retirement


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Europe’s Groundhog Day: Can the E.U. Break Out of 2011?

No investor or lawmaker would want to relive the turmoil that faced the U.S. economy in 2011, when uncertainty over the Federal Reserve’s “QE2” program and the political standoff over the government’s debt ceiling brought stomach-churning levels of volatility to the capital markets and threatened to undermine the still-fragile recovery.

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Should I take Social Security when I retire at age 64, or should I use money from my 401k until I reach full retirement age?

I own a rental property that didn’t generate any income last year. Are expenses incurred on the property still deductible?

My life insurance cash value is starting to go down. What are my options with the policy?


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5 Tips to Help You Boost Your 401k Savings

From matching contributions to significant tax advantages, your 401k is one of the most important tools you have when saving for retirement. Because a 401k is so critical to your overall financial plan, it’s important to make sure you’re making the most of it.

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