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Protecting Your Information Online

Best-selling author Sam Richter joins Bruce Helmer and Peg Webb to discuss how you can protect your identity.

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Pre-Tax Retirement Plans

Joe Brummel, Director of Retirement Plan Consulting, joins Bruce Helmer and Peg Webb to discuss strategies for your pre-tax retirement plans.

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Tech Selloff Underscores Dangers of IPOs

Earlier this year stocks in the technology sector fell, wiping out billions of dollars in shareholder value. In particular stocks which had a relatively recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) fell much harder than other names. The selloff was a reminder of the dangers of IPOs which tend to be heavily promoted “story stocks” with questionable valuation metrics.

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I am nearing retirement, and I am concerned about a downswing in the market. How do you recommend I get out of the market without receiving a big tax hit?


How can I reduce my adjusted gross income so I can contribute to a Roth IRA?


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3 Tips to Lower Taxes in Retirement

It’s no secret: Taxes are complex. But they don’t have to take you by surprise. These three tips could potentially lower your taxes in retirement today, and allow you to reap the benefits tomorrow.

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